Nuk Easy Learning Spoon – Purple

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the NUK Easy Learning Feeding Spoon – turning eating into child’s play.

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As little ones become increasingly curious and mobile, it is usually between 5 and 7 months that their nutritional requirements increase, making it the right time to start giving them solids. With a bit of patience and the right ingredients, the changeover from bottle or breastfeeding to the first spoonsful of puree will be a relaxed step into a new stage of life.

During this transitional phase it is best to use a silicone spoon, e.g. the NUK Easy Learning Feeding Spoon Soft. This makes the changeover from sucking to eating with a spoon easier. For more advanced eaters, there is the NUK Easy Learning Feeding Spoon which has both the correct shape for children’s mouths and safe, rounded edges. The ergonomically-shaped, non-slip handle can be securely held when eating.

The NUK Easy Learning Feeding Spoon is just right for babies from 6 months on. All parts of the NUK Easy Learning range fit together and can be added to as your child’s abilities improve.

For step-by-step learning: