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This portal is to assist all resellers, please find bellow resources for exclusive use by resellers

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much more to come

please send us an e-mail to for any items you want added here

Black Friday Ends in:

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Click below to download the Blackvember catalogs:

Blackvember 2020 Books and Puzzles

Blackvember 2020 Clothing & Bedding

Blackvember 2020 Educational

Blackvember 2020 Feeding and Soothers

Blackvember 2020 Safety & Health

Blackvember 2020 Toys

Blackvember 2020 Travel


  • Retail Price List

  • Excel Spreadsheet with pictures of all current in-stock products and their prices for you to edit as you like and add your own logo etc at the top.
  • Download RPL


[title style=”center” text=”Some of our top resellers” size=”95″]

These resellers were chosen on activity and number of orders

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Kleine Ek

Van baba bottels en dummies tot speelgoed om ouboet en groot sussie mee besig te hou

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Whatsapp: +27 72 138 9664

Visit Le Karoo Facebook Page

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Soul Connection – NEW UP AND COMING

Here you will find a gift for everyone, including yourself. Treat yourself by ordering anything from this page, coz sista . . you are worth being treated!!!
And gentlemen . . . come on . . . treat the ladies in your lives . . . !!!
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